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Asgardian Construction1 was established in August, 2019.  We are a small business that has big dreams, and we are ready to put in the work to get there.  We can do any project you are needing; decks, pergolas, concrete, awnings, tile, bathroom/kitchen remodel, add-ons, painting, framing, windows and much more!  Our crew has many different talents and skill sets that we put to use every day to satisfy our customers dream project(s).  Let us know what your next project is and how we can help!  We are based out of Norman, Oklahoma, but work all over the state!  We also do free estimates as well.  Help us build our business and let us help you with your next home improvement project!

We are all over the spectrum when it comes to what we are capable of doing.  We have done many projects that were challenging and hard, but we are not scared and we love a challenge.  All a part of what makes our job fun and interesting.  This line of work always keeps us on our toes and we love being able to put our craftsmanship to good use.  If you think your idea might be to complicated to be done, trust that we have the capabilities to make it happen.  No job is too big!  We have guys ready to rock and that are not scared of hard work.  



What We Offer

Pergolas & Gazebos

Stay classy with a variety of elegant options in all sorts of styles and materials. Whether you want us to work with natural or synthetic materials, we’ll make sure this product is built specifically to suit your needs and preferences. Too busy to design something? Check out our pre-made designs.

Porches & Decks

With different sizes and styles available to choose from, creating a uniquely personalized pattern has never been easier! We specialize in designing and building high quality products for a variety of areas. This product is very popular, so we get tasked with designing and installing these on a regular basis. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Stairs & Railings

Choose whether you want to use real or synthetic materials, and select the color that best suits the rest of your space. With so many designs to choose from, our clients are often overwhelmed by choice. Fortunately, our dedicated team members are experts at guiding clients from inspiration to decision-making. Hire us and we’ll be building yours in no time.

Bathrooms & Tile

Many homes are improved by updating the bathroom and kitchen.  These two are also the top factors in buying or selling a home.  Customize your bathroom and walk into a dream.  We are also pleased to announce we are able to make a bathroom ADA compliant for those in need.  We can also install any tile you like from porcelain and glass, to granite and marble. 


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